Betta Constipation – Tips on how to Take care of a Constipated Betta Fish

Betta Constipation – Tips on how to Take care of a Constipated Betta Fish

Betta constipation is very common between betta fish.

What are the signals that your small maritime Close friend is suffering from betta constipation?

– The obvious signal is usually a bloated underbelly.

– Not enough fecal issue in the fish’s tank is another clear sign that the betta could be constipated.

The key cause of betta constipation is overfeeding. Betta fish are really sensitive to overfeeding. Some fish food stuff containers have directions that instruct you to feed the fish “just as much as it can consume in 2 to 5 minutes”. Disregard All those Guidelines. They don’t apply to betta fish.

Your betta’s tummy is the same sizing as its eyeball, so the level of meals you feed at any offered time should not exceed that. That equates to about two to 3 pellets or three to 4 bloodworms. Feeding them this Considerably, 1 or 2 instances day by day is your betta requires so as to when to feed betta fish stay healthful. Lots of individuals frequently make the error of feeding their bettas over 2 times a day, and pouring excessive food stuff into the fish tank abruptly.

The only way it is possible to get rid of betta constipation is Permit it rapidly for someday. This may not hurt your betta. This aids in cleaning its digestive technique Normally. Frequently this itself will heal the constipation.

If the betta is still constipated soon after a couple of days, feed it the inside of the pea. Eliminate the skin and present it a little part, no much larger than the size of its eyeballs.

You saved your betta’s lifestyle through the pet retailer’s small cup. Now find out how to produce your betta into one of the most relaxed, Risk-free, and cared-for fish on this planet.

Who else desires a gorgeous, healthier betta fish, swimming happily in a stunning tank, while not having to devote a bundle or consistently concern yourself with your betta’s well being?