Costs of Starting a Mobile Beauty Business

A mobile beauty business can be extremely profitable especially due to the low overhead of not having to cover the costs of a premises. However, there are a number of different costs involved when starting a mobile beautician business. You will need tools, supplies and products to use as well as promotional material and insurance. Let’s look at the costs of staring a mobile beauty business in more detail. 마사지

Tools, Supplies and Products

Whether you are a hairdresser a makeup artist or offer other beauty services you will need the equipment to do your job effectively. For example, brushes, applicators, and more specialist equipment. You may need portable chairs, benches, towels and palettes. When starting out create a list of everything that you will need and research the market offline and online to see where the best deals are to be had. Think not only price but quality too. You want your equipment to be safe and of good enough quality to do your job well.


You want to obtain sufficient insurance to cover yourself and your clients in case of any misfortune. In order to perform treatments in somebody else’s house, you must have public liability insurance, as well as professional indemnity insurance, which covers you in case a client makes a claim against you. Again do your research and look around for the best deal. If you are in the United Kingdom the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) offers insurance packages to its members, often at discounted rates, so take a look at what they offer too.

Promotional Material

To be seen as an expert and the professional you are it is worth investing in professional business cards, client record cards and developing a quality website. In addition you will need a good portfolio to showcase your skills to prospective clientsIn addition there will be some on-going costs. Being mobile you won’t have the high overheads of a salon and staff but you will have costs to cover such as your vehicle, telephone bills, replacing the supplies and products that are used in the course of your business and for some marketing activities.The actual cost of setting up your mobile beauty business will vary from business to business depending on what services you offer your clients and on how much you are prepared to invest in your equipment, products and supplies at the beginning. Understanding the costs of starting your mobile beauty business go along way towards the success you seek.