Ways to recycle your electronic waste in Dubai

Ways to recycle your electronic waste in Dubai

Many technological devices and computers have to be regularly updated due to the fast speed technology progresses. Not only does Dubai have access to high-end technology for its people, but it also takes credit for building a prosperous future for everyone. One such action taken by the emirate of Dubai to support the emirate’s environmental targets is e-waste recycling facilities.

When you search for villas for sale in Dubai, one consideration might be staying close to these companies. This blog discusses all the possible and easy ways through which you can recycle your e-waste.

Effective ways to get free from your e-waste

It is recommended that you should first try to get in touch with the municipalities of your area in order to arrange an e-waste disposal campaign. Several recycling stations in various localities in the Dubai Municipality promote electronic recycling waste and other recycling facilities. Deira, Bur Dubai, Downtown Dubai and more are some of the popular places where people can find Dubai recycling facilities.

There are a lot of options to seek help for e-waste recycling in Dubai. The following list contains some of the best options available for you:

List of recycling companies in Dubai


Eviroserve is one of Dubai’s largest e treatment firms that meets EU e-waste recycling requirements. For its recycling practises, the Ministry of Environment also endorses this organisation. This well-known company has received prestigious awards such as the 2007 UAE SME of the Year Award, the 2018 and 2019 Electrical & Electronic Equipment Processor of the Year, and the 2019 Dubai Industrial City Environmental and Sustainability Award.


Averda Dubai, operating in collaboration with the Municipality of Dubai, is committed to establishing a comprehensive waste management method in Dubai. In several sectors and municipalities, the business represents industrial companies. The company offers easy and efficient electronic waste recycling strategies in Dubai for small and large enterprises.

Their facilities include pick-up of e-waste that clients should arrange at appropriate timings. The company uses its transformers that, like aluminium, can turn waste into various usable materials. Besides, their ‘Smart Recycling Centres’ use sensors and mechanisms powered by solar panels to sift via deposited waste.

Recycle Emirates

Recycle Emirates provides the latest value-added options for IT equipment, smartphones and laptops when compliant with environmentally friendly electronic waste disposal practises, whether you choose to refresh your PC or renovate your office. This company has been operating in multiple countries in the Middle East for the past 10 years.

The organisation helps clients get rid of their unused IT equipment, but after reviewing the physical state of the products and performance, they also compensate them.

Escrappy recyclers

Escrappy Recyclers are designed for recycling a variety of commonly used consumer products, from used cables and batteries to air conditioners and smartphones. The ISO 9001 accredited organisation also removes all confidential details safely before dismantling and storing e-waste.

For an effective and timely facility for electronic waste and recycling disposal, clients should trust Escrappy Recyclers in Dubai. You can also get recycling green certificates from them. They are also offering some other valuable services..

Madenat Recycling

Madenat Al Nokhba Recycling Services LLC is one of the well-known companies located in Jebel Ali.  With a pledge to sustain eco-friendly e-waste control in Dubai, it provides recycling facilities for different sectors. Madenat enjoys a license by the Dubai Municipality that is granted to the companies that dispose of their electronic waste properly.

From old TVs, laptops, tablets, wires, light bulbs, batteries, computers and electronic recycling items, customers will drop anything at Madenat. You can also seek their consultancy through the chat option on their website. You may also contact their staff through their helpline number.


Ecyclex supports clients in the UAE and beyond with personalised waste collection and recycling options. A variety of electronic goods, including data storage devices, home computers, cables and wires, power equipment, telecommunications equipment, batteries, medical devices and more, are recycled by the company.

With all the above-mentioned recycling companies, this blog comes to an end. The list of recycling companies in Dubai is not limited by the mention of the name. Get in touch with your nearest recycling company and fulfil your role of being a responsible citizen.

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